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Level Up Your Backyard DIY Aquaponics

Essential cloud software to quickly deliver insights and expert guidance based off the very metrics you record.

Aquaponic System Data & Metrics Made Simple

Collaborative workflow, centralized data, audit logs and powerful insights.

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Unleash your Aquaponic Superpowers

Become a Better Grower

Leveling up is hard and improving your skills demands countless hours of research, trial, and error. Understand your system and become a better grower.

Intelligent Dashboards

View all of your important data in one place. Clear and informative charts give you a real-time view of your aquaponic system.

Record Anything

Your logs drive insight into your system. From recording pH levels to a daily note, track key metrics and daily activities.


Create your schedule and then forget it. We’ll make sure you know what you need to do each day. A simple checklist will ensure that everything gets completed.

IoT Device / Sensor

Bring your own sensor! In only a few lines of code your sensor data will backed-up and analyzed in the cloud and detailed insights in your inbox.

Data Driven Insights

As you collect your data you'll receive insights that unlock the potential in your system and also prevent serious issues from happening.

Collaborative Workspace

Invite your team members to collaborate on your project. Your team will have access to the latest data and insights; increasing the visibility into your system.

Centralized Information

Toss the old notebooks, forget illegible handwriting, and gain the automatic charts and tools to maximize your understanding of what is happening in your aquaponic system.

Unlimited Projects

Aquaponics is addicting. As your projects multiply we’ll ensure you stay organized as you grow.

Research Library

Get access to essential and valuable industry-level research for fish, diseases, and crops.

Import Historical Data

Bring your old spreadsheets with you to this new dashboard! Importing your metrics is simple and easy. Your system will thank you.

iCal Subscriptions

Subscribe to your maintenance checklists and farm activity through your Google Calendar or on your phone. No need to login in order to stay up-to-date.

Daily Email Updates

Receive a detailed report of your farm each day including activity and metric readings. Gain insights and spot issues instantly.

Simple and straight-forward pricing.