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Unleash Your Aquaponic Superpowers

A data and intelligence-driven approach to growing with Aquaponics built for everyone.

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Save 2+ years of research, crop failures and fish deaths.

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The Most Powerful Aquaponics App

Start unlocking insights as soon as you log in. Develop your skills with the dedicated crop and disease libraries. Keep your fish alive with alerts and never miss a beat with the mobile app.

Manage Your System With Excellence

Collaborate with your team to streamline your operations. Save time, scale, and improve your insight into the system.
  • Setup a fully customized operations checklist
  • Start a project using a operations checklist from industry leaders
  • Manage your alerts and get notified if something goes wrong
  • Manually track your data or integrate your own sensors
  • See all of your systems from a single dashboard
Alerts, Tasks, Activities

Access your aquaponic system from anywhere

Designed to be your farm hand while working on the system and your canary bird while you’re away.

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