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Aquaponic Software to Streamline Your Farm

The Aquaponic platform to consolidate hand-written notes, manage your team, and integrate sensors.

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Save 2+ years of research, crop failures and fish deaths.

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Intuitive Dashboards Saving You Time and Money

Aquaponics AI is the perfect solution for next-gen farming. Integrate your sensors and use the latest crop libraries, app alerts, and best practices to take care of every facet of your operation efficiently.

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Manage Your System With Excellence

Collaborate with your team to streamline your operations. Save time, scale, and improve your insight into the system.
Reduce the time and effort it takes for your team to make decisions by using a fully customized operations checklist.
Streamline your processes with industry-leading expertise from Aquaponics AI
Plan projects across teams with ease thanks to an customizable operations checklist; whether you're working on a large-scale project or just want to document everyday activities.
Alerts, Tasks, Activities

Intuitive mobile toolkit for aquaponic farmers

Aquaponics Toolkit is a straightforward mobile toolkit for simplifying and optimizing your aquaponic farm data. The app’s simple design, transparency in features and connectivity with device like iPads, iPhones and Android devices makes it easy to capture metrics, track maintenance calendars, and access libraries full of helpful guides and calculators. This simplicity minimizes effort and maximizes output - making it an invaluable addition to any grow space.

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