Unleash Your Aquaponic Superpowers

A data and intelligence-driven approach to growing with Aquaponics for the small and large farm.

Technology that enhances aquaponics

Our efficient, time-saving, cloud insights will give you expert guidance based off the very metrics that you record.

Project Templates

Create a project from a recommended set of metrics and schedules. In one click you could have a FAO maintenance schedule.

Intelligent Dashboards

Understanding your data can be difficult. Gain invaluable industry insights right in your dashboard.


Get access to our research hub of crops, diseases, and fish. Discover the best growing practices for crops and fish and preventative options for diseases.

Designed for the busy grower

Spend more time growing, managing and selling. Let us manage your data while you do something awesome.

Maintenance Schedule

We'll remind you of the things you need to do for a specific day. You'll never forget to feed the fish again.

Centralized Data

Everything is stored in the cloud to allow realtime access from home, on your phone, at the farm, or even ... at work.

No Paper Logs

Paper logging is a thing of the past. Import your historical data and never worry about sifting through paper again.

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