Sleepy Cod


Sleepy cod grows best at 20-26 ℃ (the lower limit is 15℃ and upper limit at 38℃). Also, they are tolerant of low level dissolved oxygen (1.0 mg oxygen/liter) for extended period. As they are considered hardy species, they can tolerate wide range of water acidity (5.8 – 8.5) and turbidity.


As they are carnivorous, they require high protein in their diet. They could be fed with a sinking pellet containing 40% protein. They naturally feed on insects, crustaceans and fish. If fed with pellets, feeding must be monitored closely to maintain good feed efficiency and minimal waste. In terms of growth, they could grow to 500g in 18 months.


Sleepy cod could be harvested manually by hand. It is also very easy to transport them alive since they don’t require much oxygen as they only lay motionless in shipping bags.

Fish Statistics
Growth Weeks64
FCR0.8 - 1.7
pH7 - 8
Reproduction Rate
Temperature16°C - 30°C
Harvest Weight2500g
Daily Feeding Rate2x
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