Tomatoes, a summertime crop, grow well in DWC's and media beds, but will need to be trellised due to the rapid growth and plant mass. Tomatoes favour high nitrogen levels in the initial growth phase, but prefer high potassium conditions during the flowering stage.


Tomatoes can theoretically be grown in the wide range of 11-38°C, but do best with a night temperature around the range of 13-16°C and a day temperature in the range of 22-26°C.

Establish your trellising plan and set up your supporting structures before transplanting seedlings into your system. Transplantation should not occur until your seedlings reach 10-15cm tall, usually about 3-6 weeks after germination. Additionally, night-time temperatures should stabilize above 10°C before transplanting crops.


Harvest tomatoes once they have reached desired market size.

Nutrient Availability

The availability of macro and micro nutrients varies depending on the pH of your system. The chart below displays the pH range and the nutrients that would be available within an Aquaponics system. The Aquaponics system pH range is also indicated below in blue.
Crop Statistics
Germination Days4 - 6
Germination Temperature20C° - 30C°
Growth Days50 - 70
Height60cm - 180cm
pH6 - 7
Spacing40cm - 60cm
Width60cm - 80cm
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