Swiss Chard


Chard is a popular choice in aquaponic systems due to its marketability, rapid growth and nutrient density.


Swiss chard can grow in temperatures as low as 5°C, although it thrives in the range of 16-24°C. If growing chard in warmer conditions, a shade is suggested.

Thinning ia required during the germination process, as seeds often produce more than one seedling.


Leaves can be harvested as the reach desired size, as the removal of larger leaves will encourage the gorwth of new ones.

Nutrient Availability

The availability of macro and micro nutrients varies depending on the pH of your system. The chart below displays the pH range and the nutrients that would be available within an Aquaponics system. The Aquaponics system pH range is also indicated below in blue.
Crop Statistics
Germination Days4 - 5
Germination Temperature25C° - 30C°
Growth Days25 - 35
Height30cm - 60cm
pH6 - 8
Spacing30cm - 35cm
Width30cm - 40cm
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