Due to extensive root systems, eggplants are an ideal crops to be grown in media beds. Eggplants are a summertime crop with high potassium and nitrogen requirements. Accordingly, crop quantity should take nutrient density and biomass into account.


Eggplants grow well with full sun exposure and a high humidity of around 60-70%. Temperatures of below 10°C or above 30°C are not conducive to eggplant growth.

Seedlings can be transplanted after at least 4 true leaves have grown, usually taking a little over a week to germinate. As the season end nears, begin removing budding blossoms to promote ripening of the existing crop.


Eggplant harvest can begin when plants are around 10-15cm in length, as the skin is shiny. If crops are not harvested in the proper window of time the skin color will grow dull and yellow. The discoloroation of the eggplant skin will produce a crop that is undesirable to the market.

Nutrient Availability

The availability of macro and micro nutrients varies depending on the pH of your system. The chart below displays the pH range and the nutrients that would be available within an Aquaponics system. The Aquaponics system pH range is also indicated below in blue.
Crop Statistics
Germination Days8 - 10
Germination Temperature25C° - 30C°
Growth Days90 - 120
Height60cm - 120cm
pH6 - 7
Spacing40cm - 60cm
Width60cm - 80cm
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