Ammonia Addition Calculator

Below you will find a calculator to calculate exaclty how much you should add to your aquaponics system. It is always good to add these types of additives into a additive tank to avoid any rapid changes to the environment.

This calculator is for fishless cycling-- before anything is in your system. Ammonia is created by the fish and it helps the nitrites and nitrates in the water grow and mature. However, because you don't have fish yet, adding ammonia allows you to create the same effect without the risk of losing the fish. One of the reasons you would lose fish is because the nitrites cannot convert the ammonia before it becomes too toxic for the fish.

Ammonia can come in a powder form or a liquid form. Whether you use powder or liquid you'll want to add a small amount, wait for it to mix, and then check the levels. Liquid forms will take less time to mix, but you could still wait a few hours for it to normalize before testing and adding more.

Current Concentration

How much Ammonia (NH3) is currently in your system?

Desired Concentration

How much Ammonia (NH3) would you like to see in your system?

System Volume

What is the current water volume of your system? (liters)

Ammonia Solution

How much Ammonia (NH3) is in the additive mix?

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