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Air Pump


Air pumps are becoming more and more common in Aquaponics systems. They offer a creative and powerful alternative to water pumps. Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens has researched and experimented several ways to use air pumps within Aquaponic systems.

Why use an Air Pump?

Glenn explains why he moves to an air pump.

  • Submersible pumps have electricity going directly into the water. Air pumps are powered outside the water and pumps air into the water. Very safe and no need for a GFI outlet.
  • Air pumps are less attractive to theives.
  • Lower cost to install. You don't need to hire an electrical contractor or engineers.
  • Kids can do the installation. Very simple.
  • Water pumps clog, require cleaning, etc. An air pump doesn't need any cleaning besides maybe the filter.
  • No moving parts in air pumps. Should a rock enter a water pump, it's going to create big issues.
  • Air pumps can pump solids. Rocks, fish waste, etc. If it can float in the water, it can be bubbled up with an air pump. It can even pump fish through the system!
  • Air pumps can also add pressure to water pumps to create more lift.
  • Less power. You're using physics and also aerating the water.
  • You can also create flow in your fish tank with only an air pump.
  • Air pumps can cost less and will absolutely cost less in power usage.

Air pumps can be a very powerful addition to an Aquaponics system.

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