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The Constant Height One Pump (CHOP) system is our preferred method of aquaponics. It has simplicity built-in to the very fabric of its design. The fish tanks always have a constant height, and the number of pumps in the system is always one.


  • Often times pumps are placed directly into fish tanks. This means that the fish tank levels change often causing the fish stress (especially if the water level gets too low).
  • Pumps are only used to return water from a sump tank to the distribution tank. This sometimes means you don't need a bigger pump to push water throughout the system, and your backup systems will be much more simple.
  • Some aquaponic systems use multiple pumps. If one pump fails this means that there is a risk of overflow where the other pump can't keep up.
  • It uses less power to run the system. When we have off-grid systems it is critical that our systems use as little power as possible to ensure prolongued battery life.

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