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Australian Catfish

Import this fish directly into your project. Learn about feed conversion ratios, oxygen and protien requirements, and visualize how your water quality is effecting the fish.



Australian catfish are extremely hardy fish species that could easily adapt to harsh environmental conditions. Even if they do not look that appealing when alive, consumers love eating this fish as it gives delicate, white and boneless fillets. This species is preferred by consumers over the forked-tailed catfish. They also make an excellent aquarium fish as they can easily cohabit in the tank with other fish. However, they have sharp spines thus, fish farmers should handle this fish very carefully as its pectoral and dorsal fins contain venom.


Generally, they prefer lakes and sluggish rivers. As they are considered hardy fish species, they could thrive in freshwater at 10 - 25°C and 10 - 25°C pH. In aquaculture, the average suggested stocking rate is 250 fish/ha.


Australian catfish are considered as opportunistic bottom feeder carnivores and they mainly feed on aquatic insects, prawns, crustaceans, frogs, snails, worms and small fishes. They are also able to reach the water surface if food is present, especially at night when they are most active. Its feed efficiency is also very good.


Extra care must be done in harvesting this fish for the safety of the fish farmers. If they reach an average weight of about 0.5-1kg they could be harvested in seines, then if they need to be transported alive, they should be placed in aerated containers.

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