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Brown Trout

Import this fish directly into your project. Learn about feed conversion ratios, oxygen and protien requirements, and visualize how your water quality is effecting the fish.



Brown trout are known to be very invasive which could displace native fish species in their environment through predation and competition for space and food. They are very challenging to catch thus, they are considered as one of the most preferred game fish in sports fishing. As human food, their meat is also very delicious.


Brown trout are mostly found in deeper layers of well oxygenated water environments such as in fast streams, lakes and ponds. They grow best in water having a temperature and pH levels of, 10°C -19°C and 6.8-7.8, respectively. In captivity, it would be best to maintain cooler water temperature during summer to avoid diseases, infection and stunted growth.


Brown trout are voracious feeders and they grow best in the productive freshwater environment including rivers and streams. They are active feeders at night and fed mostly on invertebrates and fish. If starved or if food present are not enough, they could be cannibalistic.


They can be harvested through nets (seine) in case of mass culture.

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