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Murray Cod

Import this fish directly into your project. Learn about feed conversion ratios, oxygen and protien requirements, and visualize how your water quality is effecting the fish.



Murray cod are high valued species in the fish market due to its appearance and premium quality flesh and good taste. They are considered hardy fish and breeds easily in captivity. Though they can easily adapt to crowding, they tend to be highly susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections at high stocking densities. Moreover, it is important to rear them in large tanks as they grow very fast.


Murray cod are not tolerant to salinity shifts as they are purely freshwater species thus good water quality is a must. Water temperature must be maintained at 24-25°C, pH at 6-8, DO must be greater than 3mg/L and free ammonia level of less than 0.1 mg/L. Also, water source for production must be free of contaminants and even pesticides.


The recommended stocking density for Murray cod in tanks is 40kg/m3. They are aggressive fish and they tend to be cannibalistic if combined with smaller ones thus regular size-grading is necessary which could also help ensure equal feeding rate and almost uniform growth rate. In its natural environment, they usually feed on fish, crayfish and frogs but in captivity, it could readily accept formulated feeds such as those given to salmonids.


Once they reach marketable size, fish could be harvested using scoop nets. This must be done during the coolest temperature of the day.

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