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Magnesium Deficiency



Magnesium deficiencies show first in older, lower leaves. The symptoms start from the margin inwards. The leaf mid-rib and veins remain green while leaf margins are yellow or whitish, sometimes leaving a green arrowhead shape in the centre of the blade. In these cases, the yellow patches then progress to necrotic spots or patches and scorching of the leaf margins. This is the sign of a deficiency in magnesium as the plant gets older. The signs of magnesium deficiency can be seen in the shape of a malformed leaf with yellow patches appearing on the underside of the edge of each leaf.

Magnesium shortages result in defective bud production and inadequate bud development.


Chlorosis of the leafs, while veins remain green. With time leafs turn brown and die.

Preventive Measures

Epsom salt treatments can help with magnesium deficiencies, as does integrating hydrated lime.

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