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A popular winter crop, Cauliflower has a high-value and is nutritious. It has a relatively high nutrient demand, responding positively to high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus.


The recommended grow space for cauliflower is media beds with adequate spacing between plants. While the initial temperature to ensure vegetation is 15-25°C, colder temperature for the formation of the cauliflower heads of about 10-15°C in the fall and 15-20°C in the spring.

Seed germination should occur at 20-25°C with apt sunlight. Transplantion should occur once the seedlings have at least 4 true leaves, which usually occurs after 3-5 weeks. Cauliflower is susceptible to some pests whcih can be removed manually.


Once the heads are compact and white, it is time for harvest. Cauliflower harvest, usually takes somewhere between a week and a month depending on the temperatures.

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