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Beans and Peas

Import this crop directly into your project. Learn about spacing requirements, germination rates, and visualize how your environment is effecting it's growth.



Climbing varietiess of beans are recommended for aquaponics systems, in combination with a trellising plan to save space and maximize output. Beans have low to moderate nutrient demands and can be grown abundantly in aquaponic systems. Beans are often recommended for new controlled systems as they are known for their ability to help establish atmospheric nitrogen levels.


Climbing bean and pea crops can grow within the range of 15-34°C but thrive in 22-26°C range, with a humidity between 70-80%.

To prevent root disruption, all support structures should be placed before germination. Bean transplantations can be difficult and, accordingly, beans are often seeded directly into the media bed. Direct seeding to the media bed require a high water level to support germination, which will require you to modify your typical siphoning process.


Shell beans: Pick when plump and firm as pods change color.

Snap beans: Pick when pods are crisp and firm. Seeds should still be small at time of harvest.

Dried beans: Pick after letting pods dry out as much as possible before harvest.

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