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Cucumbers are a great, high value, crop to grow in the summertime. They do well in media beds, due to large root structures. Due to a high uptake of nitrogen and potassium, the quantity of cucumbers grown in your system may be limited.


Cucumbers grow optimally at around 24-27°C with a humidity from 70-90%. Pollination via insects is important for good fecundation and fruit set. Additionally, adequate aeration is necessary to prevent mold or mildew growth; which can be achieved with support.

Once seedlings have grown at least 4 true leafs they can be transplanted into the system, usually after 2-3 weeks. Removing apical tips after the crop has matured may help to limit nutrient waste.


Cucumbers can be harvested 10-15 times, starting after 2-3 weeks. Harvesting frequently may be necessary to prevent fruit from excessive growth.

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