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Not many of you will know this, but our early beginnings as a company were rooted deep in the heart of the Middle East.

We created aquaponic farms that impacted communities by decentralizing/localizing the food supply chain, improving the nutrients of food, providing jobs, and transforming how we view food.

In this story of liberation, we found an amazing center for youth with disabilities. This center helps youth with various disabilities get invaluable workforce training and personal development support.

Aquaponics Farm Roof

We built an aquaponics farm on their roof where they harvested hundreds of heads of lettuce per week and had an incredible time learning how to grow food locally, how to engage with biology, and how to care for fish (which isn’t very popular in the desert)....

What We Learned...

Most of the venture capitalist world is pushing agriculture to have more and more "complex" technology-based solutions. This often requires massive funding, high risk of failure, and the requirement for a highly technical team-- these types of resources and funding are largely inaccessible to most people who need liberation the most.

What we learned from these passionate youth is that they already possessed everything they needed to be successful in Aquaponics. They also had everything they needed to grow and scale their operations. What they really needed was "helpful" technology that would support them in their current challenge.

They needed information, inspiration and empowerment. Not a multi-million dollar investment and a large team of programmers. They needed necessary technology that would help them make better decisions, stay organized, and prevent disasters from happening.

This is the essence of Maia.

Enter Maia...

Maia is designed to be the plug-and-play sensor for your farm. It's designed to be easy to set up, easy to maintain, and perform one function well: get you the data of your farm so you can make informed decisions.

Maia Sensor for Aquaponics, Hydroponics and Aquaculture

This sensor, Maia, is the Arabic word for "water" and is named in honor of the Jordanian Youth and their passion for taking on the world with aquaponics. This sensor has everything you would need to scale a farm just like theirs.

You are a busy farmer. You don't have time to bring special equipment around to program your sensors when you have a farm to manage!

Here is why Maia will change your life...

Designed with Intention

  • You need a sensor that "just works"
  • You need a sensor that you set up and immediately start benefiting
  • You need a sensor that balances essential monitoring with cost
  • You need data that is accessible to everyone on your team
  • You need *alerts, notifications, and workflows *attached to your sensor

You need Maia.

With Maia you can integrate your entire SOP, multiple team members, and live streaming data into your Aquaponics dashboard. Instantly receive notifications should something go wrong or out of range.

Right to Repair & the Circular Economy

We've designed Maia to be modular. If you want to upgrade a probe from a consumer grade to lab grade, only purchase the probe. If something were to break, only that part would need to be replaced. Do you want to switch out one metric for another? Easy.

Designed for Ease-of-use

Most sensors on the market require you to be technically inclined (if not a programmer). We designed Maia to be a no-code solution. Set up your Maia sensor using only your phone and data will be immediately streaming to your dashboard.

Install Maintenance Templates

Knowing when to calibrate & clean your sensors is essential to ensuring their accuracy and longevity. With our one-click install templates you can know exactly when you should be performing maintenance, and exactly how to do it.

Most of the functions you need to run on the sensor can be accessed from the QR code directly on the sensor itself!


Before Maia, a sensor like this did not exist. We've listened to you, our awesome customers, and worked very hard to make a sensor that would be easy to set up and be extensible as you grow and scale.

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Jonathan Reyes


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