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It's so easy to focus on the negative impacts of environmental decline. The statistics themselves could make you fear your children's future. However, that doesn't do anyone any good. Taking the fear approach to future only creates a future founded on fear. Instead, I invite you into something greater...

Today I speak to you, the Arab world, and invite you into a new journey, a new place to look at how life, technology and connectivity are all interrelated. You have a unique perspective on life, community, and family and the world wants to experience the passions of these cultural values.

Green Buildings

We are faced with some of the largest and most complex environmental and technological challenges in human history... I want to invite you into this journey to innovate, create, and tap into your historical vision to produce new and exciting technology that will revolutionize humanity, create sustainable communities, eliminate poverty, cast vision for your children, and pass down a legacy of unshakeable hope.

Do not leave others where they have been. But do not try to bring them to where you are, either, as beautiful as that place might be to you. Rather, invite them to go with you to a place neither you nor they have ever been before.

Tulua wants to create a new space by bringing to life visions of sustainability, creativity, interconnectivity and building the earth. Let's collaborate and build something great and look for this new humanity founded on hope.

Jonathan Reyes

Tulua for Sustainable Agriculture

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