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Aquaponic Software Features

Hi there! We want to highlight and share with you some features found in our platform. As Aquaponic practitioners we're working on transforming how the world views food production and food security. We also grow awesome nutrient-rich crops, healthy fish and enjoy innovating within our grow spaces. Yet, we still need to understand more. Our community can only grow and expand if we understand our systems more, have better diagnostics, and have clear insights into the workings of our farms. This is exactly what data helps us do.

Our platform allows farmers to collect, record, store, analyze, and access data in one secure location with the help of a variety of tools. These user-friendly tools are simple to integrate into current farm practices and routines. Some of the common ways producers use this software are notebooks, alerts, sensors, a checklist of standard operating procedures, and the team sharing feature. Let us help bridge the gap between technology and aquaponic systems, streamline the data collection and input process, ensure quality data analysis, and give you peace of mind about what is happening in your system. 

Notebooks (Organize and Record Farm Metrics)

Notebooks are a location where farmers can input and store collected data. Aquaponic AI offers numerous notebooks that outline what aspects of systems should be tracked and maintained. Predetermined notebooks remove the guesswork of deciding what to monitor and sets beginner and intermediate producers up for success.

Growers can also create new notebooks to track other system parameters. This customization allows farmers the freedom to tailor the software to their particular needs. *Most growers track water parameters such as ammonia, PH, dissolved oxygen, and nitrogen levels. Other farmers expanded notebook usage to include crop and fish harvest and recording nutrient dosing. *

Notebooks automatically save in a safe cloud-based server for instant access at any time on any platform. Producers can access data on desktop computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. Finally, notebooks automatically generate user-friendly and easy-to-understand graphs based on input data. These graphs show system performance and trends, meaning that producers can easily monitor and intervene if water quality parameters or other factors are becoming toxic.

Alerts (Be Notified When Something Goes Wrong)

Farmers can use the Aquaponic AI alert system to set thresholds, determine system performance, and easily share information. Alerts inform producers when a system exceeds determined parameters or meets goals. For example, if ammonia levels skyrocket, this software can share that information with the producer before adverse effects occur.

Some farmers use this alert system positively. For example, producers can set up alerts that send a notification when fish reach a certain weight and become ready for harvest or when a new system begins fully cycling. Growers can use these alerts as a notification or celebrate milestones. The alert system can spread information to multiple partners. If a farm manager removes a dead fish from the system and the data is logged into a notebook, created alerts can notify the owner or business partner via a phone push notification or an email of the loss. Alerts can work collaboratively with notebooks to create a more efficient system and communicative team.

Sensors - (Integrate Data Collection From Sensors) 

Bring your own hardware and have remote sensing and data collection capabilities with our software. In only a few lines of code your sensor data will backed-up, analyzed in the cloud, and instantly available to your team. Sensor probes can sync to predetermined notebooks and automatically collect and record data at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day, cutting down on daily sampling efforts.

Integrated sensors instantly push the data onto the Aquaponic AI app or website dashboard for real-time readings and data logging. Producers can instantly observe what is happening in their systems and take appropriate action or interventions. Currently, farmers use these sensors to collect ambient air temperatures and water quality parameters such as temperature and dissolved oxygen.

Standard Operating Procedures (Record Your Custom Operations Checklist)

Every farm should adhere to and follow a standard operating procedure. Aquaponic AI offers producers a digital reminder to follow these procedures through a daily checklist appearing on the main dashboard. This software provides producers with a general industry standard operating procedure checklist. *Much like the notebooks, this feature is fully customizable. * Growers can utilize the provided checklist and add components or build a farm maintenance checklist customized to their specific needs and system type. Some growers have adapted the checklist to create and satisfy GAP certification lists, USDA requirements, or Certified Naturally Grown lists by digitizing their tracking and recording obligations to show to auditors. 

Team Sharing Feature (Work Together In The Same Dashboard)

Typically, multiple people are involved in aquaponic operations - the producer, a farm manager, hired help, etc. The main lead can share their Aquaponic AI account with other team members and grant them roles such as administrator or manager. The grower can also determine access to data such as recording only or view only.

Farmers and software users can add anyone to a project. Many are adding system providers, aquaponic consultants, or aquaponic specialists as members to the account. These experts (some in separate continents!) can help the grower by accessing historical and current data ranging from water quality parameters to activity logs to determine what went wrong, why fish or plants are dying, or how to improve system yields.

Aquaponic AI offers growers software designed to aid in the collection, input, and analysis of data. Tools such as notebooks, alerts, sensors, a checklist of standard operating procedures, and the team sharing feature allow producers to understand what is happening in the systems, remain organized and on track, and notifies the producers and other users of the system conditions.

These useful tools help streamline systems and provide peace of mind in your operations. We want to help makes systems more efficient, brings peace of mind to growers, and keeps everyone involved in the data loop through shared information.

Julianne Grenn

M.S. Graduate Student

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