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Visualizing data has forever been challenging-- and the process of wrangling all your data can leave you super frustrated. I would imagine that is the reason most people don't like gathering data. Well, those days are over.

We are proud to release the brand new Data Explorer! A new feature on the Aquaponics AI farming dashboard equipping you with the power to compare your notebooks and unlock insights from your farm.

We focus on consolidating all your notebooks from across your farm, sensor data, brix tests, harvesting logs, and bring it all to the powerful charts so you can compare, plot, and plan your steps to domination 🔥.

See how your water chemistry changes with fish deaths

pH and Fish Deaths Comparison

Overlay your fish death notebooks, harvest logs, and any other type of notebook to see how your water chemistry changes. In the example above you can see how a fish death had a slight spike in pH. A STEM educator would be quick to ask: Why does this happen? And so the research begins.

Compare water chemistry tests and water chemistry sensors

API Test Kit vs Submerged pH probes

If you've ever wondered what the difference would be between a water test kit data log and a sensor, then look no further! Above you can see how a sensor tells a story of water chemistry changing throughout the day. A water test kit would simply tell you if something were wrong at that time. You can see that the water chemistry test will read slightly off depending on the time of day and accuracy of the reading. Depending on your scale and application, you'll want more accurate information of what's happening in your system.

Analyze the temperature change in water vs air

Water Temperature vs Air Temperature

Here you can see multiple parameters showing us the air temperature at different parts of a greenhouse. You can also see how that directly relates to the water temperature at different parts of the system (fish tanks and DWCs).

Data is now fun and easy to handle.

Go ahead and get started. This powerful feature is right on the sidebar of your project.

Share your insights, what you're learning, and help us all grow better.

Jonathan Reyes


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