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8.1 Physical Controls

2 years ago

1 min read

Preventing insects from entering the greenhouse is the best pest management strategy for aquaponics. Prevention is accomplished through consistent monitoring and physical controls. The use of adhesive, pheromone, or light traps can be used to monitor type of insect and level of infestation. Screens can be an effective physical control and can be used on outdoor systems or to cover vents in a greenhouse. Mesh size is an important consideration and should be as small as possible without restricting air flow and ventilation. Screen size for common pests are 0.15 mm for thrips, 0.73mm for white flies and aphids, and 0.8 mm for leaf miners. The most effective monitoring tool however, is the "farmer's shadow" (close monitoring by operators). Physical controls can also include a sanitation area for workers and production of plant seedlings in-house.

Source: Janelle Hager, Leigh Ann Bright, Josh Dusci, James Tidwell. 2021. Kentucky State University. Aquaponics Production Manual: A Practical Handbook for Growers.

Kentucky State University

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