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Aquaponics is for Everyone.

Aquaponics is for Everyone.

We are committed to innovating, scaling and exploring creative ways of empowering anyone to learn and succeed in Aquaponics.

Information Access

Everyone should have access to Aquaponic research, data and quality resources to build their system and business regardless of location, race, language or income.


We must share and show the many possibilities and potential of the viability of Aquaponics across the globe.


We provide the tools, software, and intelligence to grow and build and scale their own aquaponic system.

Growers helping Growers

Disadvantaged Communities

We believe that Aquaponics should be accesible to anyone. That's why we empower game changers who live in conditions that are difficult and need extra assistance. You can apply for application credits that will boost your aquaponic system and liberate your community.

STEM Educators and Students

Teachers do so much for us on a global scale and are widely adopting STEM lesson plans including aquaponics. If you’re a teacher looking to power your classroom with Aquaponics, let us help you get off the ground.


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