Top On-Site Aquaponics Courses that Prepare You for a Commercial Farm

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Tulua for Sustainable Agriculture

Tulua for Sustainable Agriculture

Preparing to run a commercial farm is much different than experimenting with a DIY home aquaponics system. If you speak to anyone who has run a commerical farm they will tell you that it is 80% business and 20% fish and plants. You will need to find a farm that has been running as a profitable business that can train you in some of the following:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Market crop demands
  • Factors of farm location
  • Commercial food safety
  • Organic certification
  • Delivery methods and logistics
  • Accounting
  • Marketing Aquaponics in a Profitable Way
  • Farm Manager & Employees
  • Backup & Failsafe Systems
  • General Experience as a Commercial Farm

To be honest, this is the beginning of the list. You'll probably notice that there isn't much in there about "how to grow fish and plants." So let's talk about a few commercial aquaponics trainings that do a good job of outlining the above as well as teach you about fish and plants.

Murray Hallam

Aquaponics Design Course

By Murray Hallum

At Tulua we actually benefitted a great deal from Murray's trainings. It is an 8-week online intensive with weekly webinars. We added it as an on-site training because he also has on-site trainings available. The content online is high-quality and he is naturally an excellent traininer.

In this course he covers general Aquaponic concepts as well as formulas, design and many visual examples. With interviews with other commercial farmers, like Arvind Venkat at Waterfarmers, make this course extremely valuable.

One of the key benefits of this course is that it is using the metric system with sidenotes for imperial based setups. This makes it much easier for someone doing international setups rather than just using a US based plan.

Ken Armstrong

Ouroboros Farms

With Ken Armstrong

Ken at Ouroboros Farms in Halfmoon Bay, CA founded one of the oldest and largest commercial farms in the United States. He has some fantastic clientel and high-end restaurants that purchase produce from the farm. This means that he is marketing it well and that he has to uphold high standards to maintain that level of clientel.

They have a few different classes ranging from an Introduction to Aquaponics to a hands-on experience. The hands on experience is enjoyable and you learn lots of valuable information.

Tulua for Sustainable Agriculture

Tulua for Sustainable Agriculture

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